Fitness in the Media

by Lori Corbin

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Do you think you're ready for prime time television? Have you ever wanted to be on a show, but don't know how to get started? Tune in to food and fitness coach Lori Corbin for the dos and don'ts of getting on local news, entertainment shows, or web shows. Learn how to pitch yourself, handle on-air interviews and more. We've got great ways to get you camera-ready!
By Lori Corbin

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Making the Pitch
3. Writing the Release
4. What Works
5. Presentation Examples
6. What to Wear on TV
7. Interview
8. Press Release Slugs
9. Final Tips

About the Presenter

Lori Corbin

Lori Corbin IDEA Author/Presenter

with 30 years experience in fitness and nutrition I am currently a nutrition/fitness reporter for KABC-TV in Los Angeles and also the host of CUSTOM FIT on the LIVEWELL network. I continue to teach group ex and have a small personal training clientele.