Exercise Programming for Obese and Weight Loss Clients

by Tanya Colucci, MS

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Obesity is proliferating in the United States and clients who want to make positive changes in their lives are coming to us for help. Unfortunately, there are many who come with a host of musculoskeletal problems that impact their ability to exercise. This session will discuss exercise program design and corrective exercise strategies for clients with chronic conditions specific to the hip, knee and foot. In addition, case studies will be presented to show applicable real-life client success stories. Attendees will leave with a systematic approach to better program design for their weight loss clients.

By Tanya Colucci, MS

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Statistics on Obesity
3. Five Elements of Life
4. Assessment Process
5. Corrective-Exercise Process
6. Common Injuries
7. Program Design Components
8. Stage Training
9. Sample Program

About the Presenter

Tanya Colucci, MS

Tanya Colucci, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Tanya Colucci, MS, is the director of private training for MINT in Washington, DC, as well as an educator for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is an adjunct professor at American Universit...