Everyday Yoga—Hips and Knees

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Video Chapters

  • Chp. 1 Introduction
  • Chp. 2 Warm-Up Demonstrations
  • Chp. 3 Seated Stretches
  • Chp. 4 Salutations
  • Chp. 5 Standing Stretches
  • Chp. 6 Floor Exercises

Additional Content

  • Session Handout


Everyday Yoga—Hips and Knees reviews the anatomy of the hip joint and the knees and discusses postures that are designed to open the hips, strengthen the knees and unify the lower body. The DVD also details five complete daily yoga practices that can be performed Monday through Friday to keep the practice fresh and innovative.
By Leigh Crews

Leigh Crews

IDEA Author/Presenter

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