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Eating to Improve Body Composition: The Science and the Art

by Jose Antonio, PhD and Carla Sanchez

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Eating to Improve Body Composition: The Science and the Art presents a comprehensive discussion of the latest strategies for gaining muscle mass and losing body fat (i.e., improving body composition). Dr. Antonio covers the latest scientific findings on proper nutrition and supplementation, while fitness expert Carla Sanchez explains how to incorporate these strategies into daily life. The DVD features a dynamic duo of science and real-world application, addressing an issue relevant to all fitness professionals.
By Jose Antonio, PhD, Carla Sanchez

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Are We Slaves to Our Genes?
3. Nutrition Studies
4. Supplements
5. Enough of the Science
6. Set Physique Goals
7. Nutrition
8. Exercise
9. A Little Bit More

About the Presenters

Jose Antonio, PhD

Jose Antonio, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Carla Sanchez

Carla Sanchez IDEA Author/Presenter