Dance Duo!

by Yoav Avidar and Raul Cacho

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Here is your opportunity to experience a top-notch workout with two highly regarded presenters who have joined forces in this dance-aerobic extravaganza. Raul and Yoav have combined the flavor of their unique backgrounds (Spanish and Israeli) in symmetric and asymmetric dance choreography to create an explosion of style just for you! This is a must-have dance class.
By Yoav Avidar, Raul Cacho

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Warm-Up
3. First Combination
4. Second Combination
5. Putting It All Together
6. Cool-Down

About the Presenters

Yoav Avidar

Yoav Avidar IDEA Author/Presenter

Recipient of the 2012 ECA award for best international presenter, Israel's "Instructor of the Year 2001", Yoav is A Nike Elite Trainer and co-owner of “Hagymnasia”, Israel's leading fitness and dance certification institution. Yoav is well known for combining dance into his aerobics and step classes along with his ability to provide cutting edge presentations in the Stability Ball, stretching and Core conditioning areas. Yoav's professional skills, creativity and charisma brought him to present in more than 20 countries around the globe.

Raul Cacho

Raul Cacho IDEA Author/Presenter

Raúl Cacho is co-owner of FEDA and Owner of Euro Wellness Academy in Spain. He holds an advanced degree in sports science and has been a professor for different universities. Raúl travels the world presenting his workshops.