Creative Exercise Design—Perfect Pairs and Terrific Tri-Sets

by Tanya Colucci, MS


The focus of this DVD will be to help trainers create unique exercises and design intense workouts that will appeal to all clients. You will discover how to pair specific exercises in order to increase the metabolic demands on the body. Participants will learn how to systematically design a program that will accomplish any client’s goal. Methods of periodization will be taught with special emphasis on undulating program design. You will walk away armed with tools and techniques that are ready to use at your next training session!

This is a live recorded session from the 2009 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™
By Tanya Colucci, MS

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Principle of Specificity Play
3. Resistance-Training Adaptations Play
4. Acute Variables Play
5. The New OPT Model Play
6. Workout Demonstartion Play

About the Presenter

Tanya Colucci, MS

Tanya Colucci, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Tanya Colucci, MS, is the CEO of Synergy Training Solutions and she is one of nine Master Instructors for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is an adjunct professor at American University an...