Creating Boot Camps for Zoomers

by Leigh Crews

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Zoomers (active Baby Boomers) can expect to live at least another 40 years, if not forever, and they want to have some fun while they're doing it. Learn how to design and implement boot camps specifically for the 50 and over market. Everything you need is included, from targeted marketing to exercise progressions that challenge without injury, to teambuilding activities and more. Zoom in, NOW!
By Leigh Crews

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Who's a Zoomer?
3. Realities of Aging
4. ACSM Guidelines
5. Previous Injuries
6. Boomerities
7. Designing Your Zoomer Boot Camp
8. Boot Camp Set Up
9. The Exercises

About the Presenter

Leigh Crews

Leigh Crews IDEA Author/Presenter

Leigh Crews is the owner of Think-GPS™ Adventure Training and Dynalife, Inc. She is a licensed corporate WellCoach, a Yoga Alliance-registered yoga teacher, and a master trainer for Fitness Anywh...