Courting Corporate Fitness

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Video Chapters

  • Chp. 1 Introduction
  • Chp. 2 Why Seek Corporate Fitness Clients?
  • Chp. 3 Where to Start/Who to Meet
  • Chp. 4 How to Package/Present Services
  • Chp. 5 How to Instill a Fit Corporate Culture
  • Chp. 6 Case Studies
  • Chp. 7 Key Corporate Fitness Messages

Additional Content

  • Session Handout


The corporate world is beginning to recognize the relationship between fit employees and a healthy bottom line. Learn how to best approach, nurture and develop corporate clients by discovering how to best match your services to an organization’s diverse needs.

This is a live recorded session from the 2008 IDEA World Fitness Convention™.

By Ingrid Knight-Cohee, MSc

Ingrid Knight-Cohee, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter

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