by Fred Hoffman, MEd


Review more than 30 total-body “core” exercises performed in the standing, sitting and lying positions and designed to enhance strength, balance, coordination, muscle control and posture. This DVD explains how to optimize workout routines with simple, yet challenging, functional exercises that focus on proper technique, execution and form. The session starts with an overview and then progresses into the workout routine, which includes a warm-up, two medicine-ball workout routines, a Body Bar® workout, a tubing workout, a Body Bar/medicine-ball exercise combination, lunges and prone exercises. (DVD)

By Fred Hoffman, MEd

Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Overview/Principles Play
3. Warm-Up Play
4. Medicine-Ball Workout-Part 1 Play
5. Body Bar Workout Play
6. Tubing Workout Play
7. Medicine-Ball Workout-Part 2 Play
8. Body Bar/Med-Ball Combination Play
9. Lunges Play
10. Prone Exercises Play
11. Conclusion Play

About the Presenter

Fred Hoffman, MEd

Fred Hoffman, MEd IDEA Author/Presenter

Fred Hoffman, MEd, holds a master’s degree in health education and is the director of international services for the Club & Spa Synergy Group. A consultant and master trainer for companies such as R...