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Coaching the Mindset of the Postrehabilitation Client

by Lisa Atkinson

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Exercise alone will not help the postrehabilitation client make the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their health. Pain, depression, disabilities and worry can consume your client’s thinking and undermine their belief in their own success. This unique workshop will provide problem-solving approaches to overcoming barriers and essential techniques to help your clients understand and overcome negative internal messaging. The result will be a more confident client who is ready and able to manage their own well-being.

This is a live recorded session from the 2009 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™
By Lisa Atkinson

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Barriers to Exercise
3. Behavior-Change Stages
4. Sample Clients
5. Coaching Skills
6. Goal Setting
7. Using Your Tools
8. What Do I Do Next?

About the Presenter

Lisa Atkinson

Lisa Atkinson IDEA Author/Presenter

Lisa Atkinson is owner of A Better Way to Fitness in Leesburg, Virginia, and chief operating officer for the Association of Fitness by Phone® Coaches. She holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is certified as a medical exercise specialist. Lisa also holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health and is a Certified Natural Health Professional. Lisa has worked with dozens of post rehabilitation clients and created several workshops for fitness professionals who desire to work with special populations.