Chasing Pheidippides: Marathon Training 101

by Jason Karp, PhD

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From the time the ancient Greek runner Pheidippides ran from Sparta to Marathon to announce the Greeks' victory in the Battle of Marathon, humans have had a compelling interest in endurance running. With over 300 marathons in the U.S. each year, and a few hundred thousand people running them, it is likely that one of your clients is interested in running a marathon. This presentation will walk you through the process of preparing your clients for a marathon, including tapering and delaying fatigue during the race.
By Jason Karp, PhD

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Cardiovascular Factors
3. Muscular Factors
4. The Science of Marathon Endurance
5. The 3 Players of Distance Running
6. How do we chase Pheidippides?
7. Lactate Threshold Runs
8. Long Interval Workouts
9. Concluding Remarks

About the Presenter

Jason Karp, PhD

Jason Karp, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

A professional running coach, freelance writer, fitness consultant and PhD candidate in exercise physiology at Indiana University. He coaches runners of all levels through