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Cardio Ballet Dance: Chix Can Tutu Too!

by Pamela Cosmi

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It’s not Pilates and it’s not barre training. It’s the real deal, and anyone wanting a taste of what competitive-style ballet dance looks and feels like in a fitness format will fall in love with this ingenious creation! Learn the power within as you challenge your lower body more than you ever have in ANY dance class. Not all dancers are ballerinas, but all dancers dance ballet to keep fit and strong!
By Pam Cosmi

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Positions and Basics
3. Overview of Movements
4. Cardio Ballet Dance Practical
5. Cool-Down and Conclusion

About the Presenter

Pamela Cosmi

Pamela Cosmi IDEA Author/Presenter

Pam comes from 4 generations of professionally schooled and degreed musicians, performers, artists and olympic athletes; She herself played the cornet, began ballet at 5 years, and by age 8 had been 'promoted' 3 times to dancing with 13 year olds; Played multiple competitve sports and dance, scoring MVPs and competition trophies over the years; 28 years fitness industry, former NIKE global fitness athlete, presented in over 26 countries, 15+ IDEA presentations; First IDEA presentation The Latin Connection (cardio Latin dance) IDEA World 1995 with three colleagues from Mexico City; Fit TV, industry videos and infomercials, Warner Brothers still shot photography; 2 kids (5 and 8), one of which thinks she is ready for Broadway (while the other runs the other way).