Brain-Based Personal Training

by Terry Eckmann, PhD


Take personal training to the next level by applying current brain research and learning theory. Discover the six variables of motivation, learn four ways to improve your client's retention of information, and identify the four key components that are critical to providing valuable feedback to your clients.

Explore transfer theory, retention theory, primacy-recency and attribution theory, and see how each can be applied to help clients reach their goals. Understand the role of emotions and mood in client success. Improve your training skills with the application of brain-based learning theories and techniques to add an essential dimension to your success as a personal trainer.

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1. Introduction Play
2. The Brain and How It Leams Play
3. Four Keys to Increase Working Memory Play
4. Prior Knowledge and Learning Play
5. Learning Theories Play
6. Effective Lesson Design Play

About the Presenter

Terry Eckmann, PhD

Terry Eckmann, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Terry Eckmann, PhD, is an associate professor at Minot State University and has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. She authored chapters for the ACSM personal training manual and health...