Bone Fitness Workout for Seniors

by Kathy Stevens, MA

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Bone Fitness Workout for Seniors details an innovative, nonintimidating way to train adults who have bone and joint degeneration or limitations. The DVD reviews the osteoporosis and osteoarthritis research involving aerobic exercise and strength training. The DVD also explains how to reduce load forces (stress) on the joints of the body, while increasing strength, mobility and bone density. Exercises include: arm puller, neck toner, posture toner, upper-back strengthener, abdominal strengthener, inner-thigh toner, hamstring strengthener, outer-thigh strengthener, quadriceps strengthener and ankle strengthener. Information is also included on integrating strength and flexibility into workout routines. (DVD)

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By Kathy Stevens, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Arm Puller
3. Neck Toner
4. Posture Toner
5. Upper-Back Strengthener
6. Abdominal Strengthener
7. Inner-Thigh Toner
8. Hamstring Strengthener
9. Outer-Thigh Strengthener
10. Quadriceps Strengthener
11. Ankle Strengthener
12. Strength/Flexibility Integration

About the Presenter

Kathy Stevens, MA

Kathy Stevens, MA IDEA Author/Presenter