Bombshell Back and Booty

by Abbie Appel

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This hands-on dynamic workshop is all about training the posterior and lateral chains with tubing. Learn why you want to train the muscles of the back and butt together and how to get them to function more effectively by stabilizing, producing more force and ultimately looking better aesthetically. Develop fresh movements and enhance fundamental ones with a variety of progressions and modifications to challenge everyone in your classes, from beginning to end.

Video Chapters

1. Lecture
2. Warm-Up
3. Workout

About the Presenter

Abbie Appel

Abbie Appel IDEA Author/Presenter

Abbie Appel is an international fitness educator and group fitness manager for Equinox® in Miami Beach. As a consultant for Resist-A-Ball®, SPRI® products and TRX®, she specializes in ...