BodyBar Blitz

by Carol Murphy


BodyBar Blitz features two 30-minute circuit workouts using a BodyBar, bodyweight or step. The extremely popular express workouts offer a number of advantages for everyone involved, including maximizing studio/club space, minimizing equipment needs, and increasing member retention. Circuit training is a proven method for calorie burning (weight control), increasing strength levels, and shortening the overall time of a complete workout. The DVD provides the perfect tool to help personal trainers safely implement this popular and time-efficient training format into their club or studio. More than training muscles, BodyBar Blitz trains movement, thereby helping optimize workouts with simple, yet challenging, functional exercises that deliver maximal results in minimal time.

By Carol Murphy

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Video Chapters

1. Introduction Play
2. Warm-Up Play
3. Peripheral Heart Action Circuit Play
4. Cardio Strength Circuit Play
5. Stretching Play

About the Presenter

Carol Murphy

Carol Murphy IDEA Author/Presenter

Carol Murphy, a finalist for the 2008 IDEA Instructor of the Year, is a master trainer for Resist-A-Ball®, Body Bar®, Drums Alive® and Gliding™. She is a certification examiner for AFAA ...