Big Bang Exercises

by Josh Rubin

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Take your knowledge of functional exercise into the stratosphere with Big Bang exercises. Using multiple planes of movement and addressing several biomotor abilities at once, a Big Bang exercise condenses the benefits of many different exercises into one, saving time and making efficient use of space and equipment. Learn techniques to ascend (make harder) and descend (make easier) a Big Bang exercise to customize the experience for each individual client's needs.
By Josh Rubin, C.H.E.K Institute

Video Chapters

2. Introduction
3. What is a "Big Bang" Exercise?
4. Stabilizers vs. Prime Movers
5. The Primal Movements
6. Creating "Big Bang" Exercises
7. Foward Ball Roll
8. Prone Jack Knife
9. Supine Hip Extension
10. Closing Remarks

About the Presenter

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin IDEA Author/Presenter

Joshua Rubin is the owner and founder of EastWest Healing and Performance. Joshua uses Eastern and Western approaches to coach, treat and educate clients and students on corrective exercise techniques, holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching. He is an international consultant and mentor, professional speaker and author for local newspapers and golf magazines. Joshua is also a regular author for Personal Training on the Net and serves on their research team. Certifications: NASM and NSCA