Beyond a Website: Virtual Tools for Attracting Real-World Clients

by Amanda Vogel, MA

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Gone are the days when all you needed to market yourself online was a website. Now there are virtually dozens of free ways to educate fitness consumers and fish for new prospects on the Web. You can even use cyberspace to strengthen relationships with the clients you see every day. Learn practical ideas for how and why user-friendly, social-media tools like Facebook, YouTube, blogs, micro-blogs, podcasts, forums and social networks can help you move forward in the fitness industry.
By Amanda Vogel, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Social Media
3. What's Out There?
4. Social Networks
5. Video Clips
6. Photo Sharing
7. Blogs
8. Micro-Blog
9. Aggregate Sites
10. Making Sense of it All

About the Presenter

Amanda Vogel, MA

Amanda Vogel, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Amanda Vogel, MA, is a fitness professional and the owner of Active Voice, a writing, editing and consulting service for fitness professionals. She writes for IDEA, Health, Prevention, and Self, and ...