Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer

by Machelle Lee and Ryan Andrews, MA

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Learn how to create a lucrative business without having to pay rent, studio fees or purchase expensive equipment. Mobile fitness training is being overlooked, underutilized and is a huge untapped opportunity that can potentially improve the health of our society and the pocketbooks of many trainers.   Among the topics covered:
  • How in-home/mobile training differs from typical gym training
  • Business start-up and finances
  • Effective marketing tactics 
  • Liability issues

By Machelle Lee, Ryan Andrews, MA

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Clientele
3. The Ever-Changing Environment
4. Equipment
5. Market Research
6. Types of Mobile Service to Offer
7. Finances
8. Eight Marketing Musts
9. Risk Management
10. Self-Care

About the Presenters

Machelle Lee

Machelle Lee IDEA Author/Presenter

Machelle Lee is the founder and owner of the Invisible Gym. She holds bachelor's degrees in health science and psychology from California State University, Chico. Certifications: The National Academy of Sports Medicine and The American Council on Exercise

Ryan Andrews, MA

Ryan Andrews, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

Ryan Andrews, MA, is the executive director for the office of physical education, recreation and sports at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the co-owner of The Invisible Gym. Certification: ACE and NSCA