Basic Training- Boot Camp Fitness Program

by Rodney D. Carson

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Join senior drill instructor Rodney D. Carson in a military-inspired and high-octane workout program, with up-close-and-personal motivation. This workout video will leave you motivated and feeling more fit. It may be military inspired but it is also civilian friendly!
By Rodney D. Carson

Video Chapters

1. Warm-Up
2. Drills
3. Abs
4. Rapid Fire
5. Cadence Run
6. Fitness Challenge

About the Presenter

Rodney D. Carson

Rodney D. Carson IDEA Author/Presenter

Senior Drill Instructor - Rodney D. Carson, comes from a military and law enforcement background. His father, a Vietnam veteran, retired after 25 years of service in the United States Air Force. Previously, SDI Carson was a Peace Officer with the California Department of Youth Authority, served as a Group Supervisor and Youth Counselor for 12 years, and was a member of the Preston Tactical Team. SDI Carson earned the title of Drill Instructor and T.A.C. Officer with the Youth Offender LEAD Boot Camp Program. SDI Carson’s unique experience as a Drill Instructor and Master Fitness Trainer includes training at military bases such as Army National Guard Camp San Luis Obispo, United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego and USMC Camp Pendleton, Oceanside. A strong believer in Health and Fitness,SDI Carson developed workouts with the same “Get Fit Fast” concept inherent in most military Basic Training programs. SDI Carson designed all workouts for males and females, regardless of fitness level. Basic Training presently has three boot camp locations in the greater Sacramento area, with three more ready to launch in San Francisco and Oakland,CA - January 2012. * Proud Member of IDEA since 1992. * Proud Boot Camp "Presenter" at the 2011 World Fitness Convention - Los Angeles,CA. * Founder & Owner of BASIC TRAINING - Boot Camp Fitness Program EST. 1999 A master motivator, SDI Carson follows John Wooden’s moto: “Never let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do.”