Anatomy of a Fitness Business

by Vito LaFata

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Do you want to produce consistent profitability and results? Just like your body, your fitness business has an anatomy that needs to be understood, cared for and maintained in order to function. Get exposed to and dissect the systems and leadership mindset that it takes to organize, operate and work at a high level of effectiveness and profit while getting your message out.
By Vito Lafata

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Industry Problems
3. The Heart - Your Niche Passion
4. The Brain -Your Expertise
5. The Lungs - Your Marketing
6. The Muscles -Your Packaging
7. The Ears - Influences
8. The Eyes - Your Vision
9. The DNA - Our Way Of Life

About the Presenter

Vito LaFata

Vito LaFata IDEA Author/Presenter

I like to consider myself the NO BS business educator, personal brand coach, and certified high performance coach to the wellness and fitness professional…” Right here is where you usually enco...