All in One: Core, Cardio, Balance, and Strength!

by Yoav Avidar

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All in One is a revolutionary concept of group fitness training! It integrates strength and core exercises into a choreography in such a way that you get it all“cardio, strength, mobility, stability, balance and much more. Join Yoav in one of his signature classes and get a totally new look at group strength and body conditioning workouts.

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. First Sequence
3. Second Sequence
4. Third Sequence
5. Fourth Sequence
6. All Four Sequences
7. Cool-Down

About the Presenter

Yoav Avidar

Yoav Avidar IDEA Author/Presenter

Yoav Avidar is a Nike elite trainer and co-owner of Hagymnasia, Israel’s leading fitness and dance certification institution. Yoav is well known for his dance-based aerobics and step classes, an...