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Advanced Cuing for Maximal Training Results

by Lauren Eirk

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Learn how to create optimal exercise outcomes by using masterful cuing. Create an Exercise Experience™ for your client that sells your skills as a trainer, and makes them able to feel the exercise like they never have before. Discover the importance of focus and how to redirect forces inside the body in order to stimulate specific muscular response and purposeful training results. Move beyond counting reps and become a world-class teacher!
By Lauren Eirk

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. What Makes a Good Trainer?
3. Advanced Cuing
4. Verbal Cuing
5. Cuing With Touch
6. Setting Priorities
7. Your Lab Time

About the Presenter

Lauren Eirk

Lauren Eirk IDEA Author/Presenter

Lauren Eirk is an RTS® mastery-level Resistance Training Specialist®, a member of the RTS teaching faculty, a Muscle Activation Techniques™ certified specialist, and a certified yoga instructor. S...