ACE IFT®-Performance Training After 40

by Pete McCall, MS

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Do you work with recreational athletes over the age of 40 who are looking for ways to improve their performance, or clients who have athletic backgrounds and are continually looking for new challenges? Learn how to apply Phase 4 of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model to help your more advanced and recreationally competitive clients improve performance and gain an edge on their competition. Learn specific principles, strategies and techniques for developing exercise programs to enhance the skills of power, speed, agility and quickness, necessary for athletic success at all ages and critical for clients still competing over the age of 40.
By Pete McCall, MS

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Aging Process
3. Program Design Principles
4. Assessment
5. ACE IFT® Phase 1 -Stability & Mobility
6. ACE IFT® Phase 2 - Movement Training
7. ACE IFT® Phase 3 - Load Training
8. ACE IFT® Phase 4 - Performance Training
9. Energy & Intensity
10. Designing the Session

About the Presenter

Pete McCall, MS

Pete McCall, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Exercise is all about having the energy and vitality to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Whether you want to compete in a Tough Mudder-type obstacle course race or play with your ki...