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5-Minute Body Weight Super Circuits

by Brett Klika

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Fitness clients of all ages are looking for short, intense, effective and easy to follow fitness programs that can be done anywhere. In this workout, learn six unique 5-minute, high intensity, fat-burning body weight circuits utilizing coordination, speed, agility, quickness, strength, power and mobility. Use these short, intense workouts to build fun, engaging training sessions in addition to providing your clients with safe, effective and efficient workouts they can do at home.

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Warm-up
3. Circuit 1: Simple Sweat
4. Circuit 2: Superset Siege
5. Circuit 3: Legendary Lower Body
6. Circuit 4: Whole Body Metabo-Master
7. Circuit 5: Outrageous Upper Body
8. Yoga Yokel Cool-Down
9. Breathing Progression

About the Presenter

Brett Klika

Brett Klika IDEA Author/Presenter

Brett Klika is the director of athletic performance at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, California. He specializes in youth fitness and athletic performance. Brett oversees a staff of eight strength coaches and develops program for over 300 youth athletes (and non-athletes) per week. He is a regular contributor for a variety of publications, produces DVDs on fitness and athletic performance and presents around the world.