Variable Resistance

by Aileen Sheron

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This challenging tubing video will teach you how to work the body effectively using just one resistance tube. Standing, sitting and floor work will leave you with dozens of safe and fun ways to combine muscle groups. Smooth transitions and creative combinations will give you the tools to offer your students a totally tubular workout.
By Aileen Sheron

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Warm-up
3. Combonation 1
4. Combination 2
5. Combination 3
6. Cool Down

About the Presenter

Aileen Sheron

Aileen Sheron IDEA Author/Presenter

Aileen Sheron is a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry. An IDEA member and presenter for over 15 years, she is an entrepreneur with multiple videos, fitness products and articles to her credit. Ai...