The Aging Club Member Crisis

by Sue Hitzmann, MS

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Are your club offerings geared toward keeping your older adults active, healthy and pain free? It's time to apply longevity fitness methods to the templates of traditional exercise. We will discuss how the industry can better evolve to serve your youthful, yet older members and retain long-lasting relationships. Experience cutting-edge science and applications to stall the aging process and live pain free today.
By Sue Hitzmann, MS

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. What is MELT?
3. Evolution of Health and Fitness
4. Myths and Partial Truths
5. What is a Healthy Body?
6. Demonstration

About the Presenter

Sue Hitzmann, MS

Sue Hitzmann, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Sue Hitzmann, MS, is the founder of Longevity Fitness, Inc. and the creator of the M.E.L.T. Methodâ„¢. She is a nationally-recognized educator and practitioner of neurofascial techniques, manual thera...