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Pure Dance Aerobics

by Yoav Avidar

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This video is a choreography booster! It is a perfect blend of traditional high-low moves and funky dance tricks. We'll review the principles of teaching a perfectly-balanced dance aerobics class, and the use of layering and the insertion method as a tool to combine dance moves into your choreography. Your students will have success and fun!
By Yoav Avidar

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Understanding the Journey vs. The Final Product
3. A Test To Prove The Formula Works
4. Combination #1
5. Combination #2
6. Combination #3
7. Cool-Down

About the Presenter

Yoav Avidar

Yoav Avidar IDEA Author/Presenter

Yoav Avidar is a Nike elite trainer and co-owner of B.Education, Israel's leading fitness and dance certification institution. He is also Israel's 2001 Instructor of the Year. Yoav's instruct...