Juggling It All: Navigating Through Information Overload

by Tom Purvis, PT

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Are you frustrated with conflicting methodologies or just the sheer volume of information you encounter? You may be ready to join us for a departure from the traditional workshops and lectures with this “training jam video.” We will explore and discuss the science, protocols, philosophies, and/or principles we’ve been offered as they might apply to assessment, exercise options and progression of a client from day one, minute one and beyond, with the goal of determining what actually applies to this client at this point. Be prepared to challenge and rethink everything you think you know.
By Tom Purvis, PT

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Where do you start?
3. Ability Assessment
4. Posture
5. Building an exercise
6. Conclusion

About the Presenter

Tom Purvis, PT

Tom Purvis, PT IDEA Author/Presenter

Tom Purvis, PT, is a licensed physical therapist specializing in exercise mechanics. He is the founder of RTS®, the Resistance Training Specialist® program and has served as the keynote speaker at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Symposium, as well as the IDEA Personal Training Summit.