High Returns in a Low Economy— Marketing Strategies That Work!

by Nicki Anderson

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Now, more than ever, tighter budgets and lighter wallets have forced us to be creative when it comes to marketing our businesses. This session will offer some great, no-cost/low-cost universal marketing ideas so you can keep your name in front of potential customers.
By Nicki Anderson

Video Chapters

1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Some Marketing Thoughts
4. Be the Expert in Your Area
5. Utilize the Web
6. E-Newsletter
7. Charity-Give to Get
8. E-Mail for Growth!
9. Building Media Relationships
10. Combine Efforts
11. Get Active in Your Industry

About the Presenter

Nicki Anderson

Nicki Anderson IDEA Author/Presenter

Nicki Anderson has owned and operated the award-winning Reality Fitness, Inc. since 1991. She is the health and fitness columnist for Suburban Chicago Newspapers and Naperville Magazine, and has autho...