Testimonial for CI by Scott Douglas

"I wanted to thank each of you for last week's Fire Service Fitness Specialist training. I was highly impressed with the entire staff. It's clear in each case how much you love, prepare for and live your area of expertise. Not only are you all so well-versed in your area, but you were able to pass that information along to us in ways that made learning so much more enjoyable and effective.
As you might expect, upon returning home my co-worker and I have been asked over and over "how'd it go?" My response each time has been: "This was the most enjoyable academic experience of my life." It was. Each night I'd look up at the clock at 10:30-11:00 and think "is it that time already?" I was disappointed to have to go to sleep. There literally wasn't enough time in each day to learn, read and study as much as I wanted to. That's how good the course was.
So again, thank you. Your professionalism and skill made this experience exceed all my expectations."

- by Scott Douglas

Abilene, TX, US

The Cooper Institute (CI)

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