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Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller on May 01, 2011


Dance, jump and find no limits to what you can offer.

The Sanford Health and Wellness Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reminds members to bump against their edges with No Limits. This athletic-based cardio/strength class is “simple, easy to follow, yet demanding” and takes participants through a journey of function and endurance. Another class on the schedule, KDANZE, emphasizes dance moves with “rhythmic beat and style.” Music ranges from Top 40 to jazz, country and hip-hop.

Kangoo Hip-Hop is cropping up at the New York Health and Racquet Club in New York City. Participants wear Kangoo Jumps—a type of rebounding boot—and follow a dance-based interval training program designed for all levels. The class challenges the entire body and, according to the online description, “each jump move focuses on core stability.”

Members of the South Bay Spectrum Athletic Club in Southern California are transported “to a place of wild abandon” while listening to the latest music in Flirty Dance Fitness. According to the online schedule, this all-levels workout “is full of sweat and sensuality and is sure to empower your body and mind.”

The program director at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York, thinks that No Sweat “is a great way to recharge your battery in the middle of the day and give you the energy to get through the afternoon.” The sweat-free class “utilizes stability balls, step benches, hand weights, resistance bands and mats” for a complete strength training workout.

Bokwa is an “intense cardio workout that combines elements of African, Capoeira, kickboxing, light boxing and step.” The class was created by Paul Mavi and is offered at the Fairfield Family YMCA in Long Beach, California.

The Fitness Unlimited Health Club for Women in East Milton, Massachusetts, offers a full range of classes, among them Flab-U-Less and Prime Movers. The former is 50 minutes of seven to nine quick cardio circuits followed by “intense” strength training. The latter offering is “designed for the needs of the mature population” and includes cardio, strength, balance and flexibility options.


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