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by Joy Keller on Mar 23, 2011


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The Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh has many targeted classes on its schedule, among them Silver Strut. This 45-minute cardio/strength class is “for active seniors who enjoy low-impact dance aerobics.” Silver Strut “keeps your heart pumping nonstop for 30 minutes” and is followed with a strength training routine using light weights.

Spectrum Athletic Club in Redondo Beach, California, gets the most out of cross-marketing with 30 Minutes With a Trainer. According to the website, participants have “30 minutes with a [personal trainer] to discuss various aspects of fitness and how to improve overall health.” This class is designed for “anyone who seeks expert advice on fitness-related topics.” 30 Minutes With a Trainer, which is on the schedule as a group fitness class, offers information on the latest exercise techniques, goal-setting plans and more.

Yoga is for everyone, and the Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa in Houston, Texas, makes this clear with its offering for teen boys, Dude Yoga. This monthly, fee-based class is offered in a “chick-free environment,” and teaches young men how to add “the often-missing flexibility element” to their active lives, “along with poses that tap into the male’s natural strength and stamina.” The online description adds: “it’s also good for dealing with stress on and off the yoga mat.”

F.I.R.E. (Functional Integrated Resistance Exercises) is offered by Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta, Georgia. Participants perform controlled compound movements that challenge balance, strength and endurance.

IDEA member Matt Simpson-Weber created Whop Ball,™ a “dynamic core-conditioning program that incorporates upper body, trunk and lower body exercises in both the standing and supine positions.” According to a press release, Whop Ball “engages all segments of the body by adjusting its vertical position” and “mimics multiple sport movements.”

TACTIX combines martial arts, boot camp and practical self-defense into a single program. Created by John Spencer Ellis, this class incorporates work/rest cycles and high-intensity exercise for a challenging and effective metabolic conditioning workout.

Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, offers both Irish Conditioning and Irish Dance Class. The former prepares students for the latter with customized exercises that focus on refining Irish dance steps.


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