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Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller on Mar 01, 2011


Strive to offer something for each demographic in your facility—here are some examples.

Zen for Men yoga class at the Midland Country Club in Midland, Michigan, has enjoyed a “tremendous” response, according to fitness director Jennifer Spiegel, MA. “We gear [the class] toward male golfers, and focus on flexibility, strength and balance,” she says. “We have reached maximum capacity in our group fitness room, and [the men are] hooked on advancing in their yoga poses. As the instructor of this class, I have been so inspired to see its popularity rise.”

The Itasca, Illinois, park district offers two classes that pique interest in the community. The first is H.A.A.T., an hour-long class that utilizes stability balls, tubing, dumbbells, The Body Bar® and participants’ bodies to work hips, arms, abs and thighs. The other offering, Yoga-Romatherapy, “combines the art of aromatherapy with the practice of yoga.”

KOM (Keep On Moving) comes from retirement community Mary’s Woods at Marylhurst in Lake Oswego, Oregon. According to the online description, this class helps residents “move all joints through range of motion planes [and is] the perfect combination of gentle, yet effective aerobic exercises, muscle toning, stretch and strengthening [moves].”

The Beverly Hills Club in Beverly Hills, Michigan, provides both traditional as well as newer, more progressive classes. One example on the schedule is Aqua Zumba, “a water-based Zumba® class that features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms set to Latin, African, Arabic and Hindu music.” Another example is Taekwon Aqua, which uses special buoyancy equipment to add resistance. According to the online schedule, “this total-body workout provides mental and physical conditioning without physical contact.”

The R.E.P. Workout (Reach Each Peak) focuses on a new “peak” exercise each month and encourages participants to track their progress weekly. The class, which is offered at the JCC Health Club in New York City, purports to support members as they “work to improve muscular strength and cardio endurance through exercise challenges.”

BodyNetix in Courtenay, British Columbia, has turned up the heat in its Pilates classes. According to the BodyNetix online class description, Hot Pilates “is done in a 98-degree room with 40% humidity, allowing you to both tone and strengthen your core.”

Sharing the Buzz
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