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Buzz: Fly high and dance low to find new ideas for programming.

What if you walked into a fitness studio and it was lined wall-to-wall with trampolines? That’s what awaits participants at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Rocklin, California. SkyRobics is “low impact and combines advanced calisthenics, core exercises and strength-building aerobics” on patented, walled playing courts. According to the Wall Street Journal, class sizes typically range from “three to 25 people” and the instructor “calls out drills that focus on speed, strength and agility, ranging from squats to sprints.”

Les Mills® is taking advantage of worldwide heightened interest in dancing to attract more participants with SH’BAM™, a “night club-inspired exercise experience.” According to a press release, the class “combines basic dance choreography with a soundtrack of chart-topping popular hits, dance music, remixes of familiar classics and modernized Latin tracks.”

Paddle Fit, created by Brody Welte of Stand Up Fitness, integrates standup paddling with group exercise training. According to a press release, Paddle Fit combines surfing and paddling into an activity that is adaptable for all ages and skill levels.

Equinox clubs bring an outdoor fitness phenomenon inside with Parkour Power Play. This “action-packed hour of power and play” leads participants through a carefully constructed obstacle course while “moving from point A to point B with grace and ease.”

Zulurobics is a “distinctive South African workout inspired by the fighting spirit of the Zulu warrior and the pulsating sounds of African drums.” This full-body workout encourages people to mimic animals, nature and tribal rituals while dancing to house music mixed with Djembe drums. Movements include traditional Zulu dance, gumboot dancing, West African dance, kwela, cumbia and capoeira.

Bellyfit®, from Bellyfit International, combines cardio that’s inspired by belly dance, Bollywood and African dance with Pilates and yoga-based conditioning. The 60-minute, “full-body, full-of-spirit” cardio/strength class ends with a mudra meditation. IDEA member and Bellyfit founder and CEO Alice Bracegirdle says that one unique aspect of Bellyfit is that every class is set to specially designed music.

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