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by Joy Keller on Aug 16, 2010


Remember the almighty fun factor when programming classes.

The Twin Lakes Recreation Center in Bloomington, Indiana, offers Happy Hour to its members. This class is “instructor’s choice.” “It’s kind of like a mystery theater for group fitness classes,” says Lindsay Buuck, health/wellness coordinator. “If participants like variety and enjoy surprises—this is the class for them! Our instructor incorporates all formats, including step, high-low, hip-hop, Latin dance, kickboxing, boot camp, strength, core, line dance and more!”

The North Carolina State University campus recreation helps its students stay in shape and balanced with Rock Bottom and Top It Off. The former class concentrates on strengthening the lower body “using weights, bands, steps and BOSU® Balance Trainers.” The latter, separate offering “tops it off” with moves that “focus on developing upper-body strength and movement” using the same equipment.

24Cycle® Shift ’n’ Lift, offered by 24 Hour Fitness clubs, gives members a slightly different experience from the regular ride and combines 20–30 minutes of indoor cycling with 20–30 minutes of strength training exercises.

Sky Fitness & Wellbeing™ in Tulsa, Oklahoma, dedicates time and resources to members wanting to commit to a weight loss program with SKY180°. This 12-week, small-group program “focuses on a healthy way of life by teaching four key fitness principles: exercise, education, nutrition and stress management.” The fee-based class meets three times weekly and provides personalized instruction from both a registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer.

Crunch Fitness gyms help members score a perfect “10” with 10-Spot Pilates. According to the online description, this class takes participants through 10 “specific Pilates exercises paired with 10 body parts for 10 times the lengthening and strengthening.”

Spectrum Athletic Clubs in the Los Angeles area feature La Tin-Va on their schedules. This class includes cha-cha, salsa, meringue, tango and mambo dance styles and is geared toward all levels.

Cuerpaso® mixes fast-paced footwork with conditioning moves and a soccer ball. According to information from the official website, this concept is a “high-paced 50-minute boot-camp escape to Latin America that blends Caribbean dance movements with core-building calisthenics and innovative muscle-sculpting techniques.”

Del Mar, California–based Laura Ann Wolfe created Kinesthetic Chi to help people become “more informed and agile inhabitant[s]” of their bodies. The class features a progressive warm-up, breathing practice and an “internal focus” that includes “finding anatomical landmarks.”


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