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Eric Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Training in St. Simons Island, Georgia, says he is “blessed with a good following of hardcore clients who dearly love, or love to hate” The Regimen. This program, offered 3 days a week, is a combination of Krav Maga self-defense technique and “intense functional, body-weight training and interval-based” exercises. “We meet indoors and outdoors at various locations to train,” says Taylor. “My program is different because it’s designed around individual intensity [rather] than group intensity. We do not exercise at the same pace. That way participants work within their capabilities. We don’t yell and scream and run in formation, but what we do—and do well—is teach [ordinary], willing individuals how to utilize their own body weight and surroundings to get a fantastic workout.”

The UCLA Recreation Center in Los Angeles took a lighthearted approach to state budget cuts with its own version of Budget Cuts. According to the online schedule, this offering is a “total-body strength training/anaerobic class that uses weights, tubes, bands, balls and your own body resistance.”

24 Hour Fitness in Carlsbad, California, tells its members, “You don’t need to be a boxer to train like one.” To help participants get ring-ready, the facility offers Everlast Shadow Box. According to the online schedule, this “45-minute session provides new punch combinations and challenging speed and agility drills. It’s a total-body athletic workout with a definite boxing feel.”

CYKL indoor cycling studio in Toronto offers RealRyder ABF8 on a regular basis. The class utilizes the RealRyder nonstationary bike, which “offers three-dimensional movement and activation.”

Sydney, Australia, resident Rachel St. James created Burlates to appeal to patrons who want to add a little burlesque to their Pilates repertoire. According to an article published online by The Daily Telegraph, Burlates combines “core strength and flexibility with ... shimmies and hip rolls.”

HAWK Studio in Ottawa is “challenging indigenous stereotypes and addressing a health epidemic” by opening the area’s first aboriginal fitness studio. On the schedule is RezFit, which “mixes the powwow aboriginal dance with yoga and Pilates.” As reported in Centretown News Online, Beverley Sunday, founder of the studio, says one of her goals is to “bring in other cultures and unite everyone.”

IDEA author and presenter Julz Arney, along with Doris Dodge-Thews, teaches community and church-based Glory! Yoga. The class is taught like a typical level-one flow class with faith-based differences that are customized to appeal to participants.

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