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Creative Ideas That Inspire

by Joy Keller on Feb 16, 2010


Don’t be afraid to break with tradition and cook up a fabulous new class.

The Vaughan Athletic Center in Aurora, Illinois, offers Bootcamp Spin for its members who are looking for something other than the “traditional” indoor cycling experience. The class is billed as “high- energy indoor cycling combined with walking or running on the track.” Chicago Style Steppin’ is another option on the schedule. This class allows participants to learn “the latest urban steppin’ techniques with plenty of step-by-step instructions.”

IDEA associate editor and personal trainer Ryan Halvorson and colleague Nicole Pizzi, MPH, took AquaLogix™ equipment and developed sports- and martial arts–inspired programs with AquaLogix: SPORT and AquaLogix: MMA. The former is a high-intensity conditioning program based on athletic-style training and includes intervals and sport- specific drills. The latter is designed around the principles of Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, karate and other martial arts forms and uses combos and interval training for an intense water fitness class.

Bumps For Boomers® Ski and Ride Exercise Series was developed by Bill Fabrocini, a physical therapist and personal trainer based in Aspen, Colorado. The program is designed to strengthen and build physical stamina in preparation for hitting the slopes and is specific to the unique needs of Baby Boomers. “Regardless of ability level, too often people make the mistake of assuming they can ski or snowboard themselves into shape,” said Fabrocini. “Skiing and snowboarding are demanding activities, and off-snow conditioning should be done to reduce physical fatigue and minimize injury.”

The department of campus recreation at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers an 8-week program called Fit & Phat. IDEA member Heather Sanderson, EdD, says the program was started by a graduate assistant who had found through observation that women of color were the least physically active on campus. The program strives to educate participants about how to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle while attending college. Objectives include discussing barriers to regular exercise, identifying risk factors and identifying community resources, among others. “By addressing the sociocultural components of wellness . . . we hope to see these women become advocates for their own health,” says Sanderson.

The Denny Price Family YMCA in Enid, Oklahoma, has Step, Pump and Jump on its online schedule. The “high-intensity interval class” includes stepping, strength training and sports conditioning moves and “continuously cycles through intervals.”

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