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LaBlast, which was one of many sessions at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™, is a dance fitness program created by Dancing With the Stars choreographer Louis Van Amstel. LaBlast incorporates dance training and a wide variety of dance and music genres. The class doesn’t require a partner and “caters to all fitness levels.”

The Shake Dance & Fitness Studio in Northborough, Massachusetts, offers ZumbAtomic® a Zumba® for Kids program. According to the online description, this 1-hour class is a “partially animated, partially realistic story that follows a group of young students on their journey to bring their school and the world together through dance, fitness and a healthy outlook on life.”

Members who don’t have time to join a regular cycling class or who prefer a self-paced journey can check out Sole Ride at Sport&Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Participants “take the lead with a guided DVD” or ride along with their own music.

Toms River Fitness & Aquatic Center in Toms River, New Jersey, motivates its members to try something new and challenging with Duathlon 20/20/20. The class includes 20 minutes of indoor cycling, 20 minutes of running or walking on any piece of equipment, topped off with 20 more minutes of cycling.

The Candy Man Workout at The Club of Riverdale in Riverdale, New York, is “a fun workout that tones and strengthens the entire body using various equipment (bands, dumbbells, Body Bars® and balls).” This all-levels class is touted to “get you luscious legs and sweet sculpted arms in no time.”

Resorts Casino Hotel and Tilton Fitness joined forces in the Atlantic City, New Jersey, area to bring Boogie Nights Workout to patrons. Participants “are encouraged to wear retro workout attire, including leg warmers, leotards, off-the-shoulder T-shirts, sweatbands and anything else that inspires them to get physical.”

The Revenge Workout at the Sports Club/LA in Beverly Hills, California, is a boot-camp circuit class that is a fusion of cardio and strength training movements. According to the online schedule, “You’ll feel noticeably stronger, fitter and hotter in no time,” which is the best revenge.

iBurn is designed to help participants “burn calories without intense cardio, while gaining lean muscle and targeting every muscle group.” The class, which is offered by the recreation and sports department at the University of Florida, Gainesville, is for all skill levels and, according to the schedule, will “help you sculpt, tone and burn to the level you desire in this dynamic group setting.”

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