September 2013 IDEA Pilates Today
Core Progressions On The Reformer
Sample Sequence: Help clients strengthen, define and refine the powerhouse.
From Music Educator To Boutique Studio Owner
Studio Profile: Fueled by a passion for music and sports, Steven Burnes created a unique Pilates and Spinning® studio that serves a diverse Southern Florida clientele.
Pilates And Ankle Sprains
Teaching Skills: Learn more about a common injury and how Pilates can help.
All In The Family
Transformations: If you’re gifted at working with people of all ages and abilities, you may be able to elicit Pilates transformations that span generations.

Customer Reviews

Jodie Fontenot
On Sep 20, 2013
Why am i not able to make this bigger so I can read it?
Joy Keller
On Sep 24, 2013
Hi Jodie, Please click on the article links on the right for access to the articles. Thank you!

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