Public Speaking Rx
Consider following a presentation "prescription" as you prepare to share your knowledge, motivation and personal experiences with an audience.
Understanding The Female Athlete Triad
Components of the triad not only affect female athletes, but also fitness enthusiasts.


warm-up Your IDEA Membership Just Got Better
Boosting Your Body Image
Client Handout: Expert tips on maintaining health and fitness


The Shoulder, Part III
Fine Anatomy: Studying the rotator cuff, and medial and lateral rotation.
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Walk This Way
What's New: Want to Shed Pounds? Join a Group

Kids' Fitness

Kids' Sports Get Serious
Exercise RX: A three-pronged approach to training young athletes.
profile Reaching Out To Kids
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Exercise And Bone Strength
Research Update: What role does exercise play in bone health over a person's lifespan?
what's new Want To Shed Pounds? Join A Group
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