Understanding The Female Athlete Triad
Components of the triad not only affect female athletes, but also fitness enthusiasts.
Public Speaking Rx
Consider following a presentation "prescription" as you prepare to share your knowledge, motivation and personal experiences with an audience.


warm-up Your IDEA Membership Just Got Better
Boosting Your Body Image
Client Handout: Expert tips on maintaining health and fitness


The Shoulder, Part III
Fine Anatomy: Studying the rotator cuff, and medial and lateral rotation.
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Walk This Way
What's New: Want to Shed Pounds? Join a Group

Kids' Fitness

Kids' Sports Get Serious
Exercise RX: A three-pronged approach to training young athletes.
profile Reaching Out To Kids
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Exercise And Bone Strength
Research Update: What role does exercise play in bone health over a person's lifespan?
what's new Want To Shed Pounds? Join A Group
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