Web Design That Works
Attract new clients and satisfy current ones with inviting Web design.
The Evolution Method
Strategies for beating the “diet mind-set” and establishing a sustainable 80/20 living program for overweight clients.


Here Comes The Bride
Profit Center: Smart strategies for attracting, training and retaining clients who seek your services to prepare for a special occasion.
trainer profile Transforming Body And Spirit
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warm-up IDEA Is On The Move!
The Pregnant Athlete
Client Handout: Not long ago pregnant women were considered frail and advised to avoid all physical activity. Recently, however, a growing number of exercisers have chosen to continue their exercise programs throughout pregnancy. Female athletes, in particular, are understandably reluctant to stop participating in their chosen activities—which may include contact or collision sports—for fear of losing their competitive edge.


The Shoulder Complex, Part II
Fine Anatomy: Studying arm movement, kinesiology and exercises.
Tricks Of The Trade
What are some of your favorite strategies for helping clients improve posture?
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The Effect Of Concurrent Training
Research Update: Does cardiovascular exercise performed prior to strength training have a negative impact on strength performance?
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Weight Loss