The 2003 IDEA World Fitness & Personal Trainer ConventionĀ®
Personal training enjoys the spotlight on the world stage.
Declare War On Weekend Injuries
Preventive and postrehab exercise strategies for the backs and shoulders of part-time athletes who give it all they've got.



Blueprint Of A Startup (Part 2)
Profit Center: Once your personal training business is all figured out on paper, how do you take it from concept to reality?
Tricks Of The Trade
Q&A: Do you make a living from personal training? If so, how many years did it take to do so?
what's new The Best Mentors For Women: Male Or Female?


The Shoulder Girdle
Fine Anatomy: Studying scapular movement, kinesiology and exercises.
what's new Survey Says...
what's new The Great Abs Debate


Highlights From The 50th Annual Meeting Of The ACSM
Research Update: The latest research on preserving bone density, promoting weight loss, increasing muscular power, and using music to enhance workouts.