Mind-Body-Breath Business
With appropriate training in mind-body disciplines and an instinct for reading consumers, you can offer your clients value and position yourself as part of a new dawning in fitness and wellness.
Putting Some Mind Into The Body
Broaden your training menu with mind-body techniques that help clients achieve goals as much by “working in” as by working out.
A Day (or A Career?) At The Spa
Could you succeed as a“trainer to the pampered”? Spa professionals offer career highlights.


Too Busy To Eat?
Research Update: Over the holidays, too much high-calorie food and too little time can lead to less-than-ideal eating patterns.
what's new Revising Dietary Guidelines, Food Pyramid
what's new Created Equally? Not Creatine Products


Easy Selling: The First Contact
Profit Center: You don’t need aggressive or unsavory tactics to close the sale—try relationship building instead.
Q & A
Tricks of the Trade: What career tip do you most often share with new trainers?