Got Referrals?
If you want your clients to spread the word about you, make sure that they find value in every aspect of your services.
personal trainer profile Grooming Kids For A Life Of Fitness
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BOSU Workout
Exercise RX: Combine your knowledge of functional training principles with BOSU integrated balance techniques for fresh program design ideas.
Ankle Flexion And Extension
Fine Anatomy: The lower leg and its functions and role in stabilization.
Functional Exercise Progression
Advance your client systematically and safely through his exercises toward a strong, healthy body that not only looks good but also functions well for everyday life.
Who Needs Prescription Drugs To Lower Cholesterol?
what's new Intensity Can Be Good For The Heart
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Thanks For The Memories!
Trainers' Forum: Your feedback, concerns and insights.
What Are You Doing To Inspire The World To Fitness™?
Tricks of the Trade: Your questions answered by industry peers
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client handout Boosting Your Immune System
Dietary Protein And Weight Loss
Research Update: Deciphering the science behind high-protein/low-carbohydrate diets.
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what's new Study Of Youths Shows Health And Happiness Go Hand In Hand
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Become A Master Motivator
Use psychology and 10 master tools to electrify your client’s commitment to training.