Personal Training

A Strategic Partnership
Trainer: Personal trainers work with a physical therapist to help clients find a healthy baseline.

Exercise Programs

Music In Pilates Classes?
Instructor: Experienced Pilates instructors discuss melody and method.
trends Martial Arts Fusion Classes Pack A Punch

Industry Motivation

Global Inspiration
Fanning the Flames at the 2003 IDEA World Fitness & Personal Trainer Convention
Making An Impact
Proposed legislation seeks to inspire action.
Models Of Inspiration
Honoring the recipients of the 2003 IDEA Health & Fitness Awards.


Retaining Members
Four ways to create a gym environment that motivates.

Nutrition and Research

Understanding The Glycemic Index
Food: This method of ranking different foods by blood glucose response may help battle obesity and serious diseases.
Strength Training and Postexercise Metabolism Exercise and Postmeal Lipids Body Mass and Diabetes

Personal Training

Safe And Effective Stretching
Exercise: Three principles for applying force with clients.
Is The Trainer They See The Trainer They Get?
Do your "looks" attract or detract when viewed by potential clients?