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How The Income Flows
Staffing and fees in personal training.

Exercise Psychology

Applying The Science Of Motivation
Feature: Tap into five key motivators to help your clients stick with an exercise program.
Born To Motivate

Health and Wellness

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Targeting Yoga To Special Populations
Feature: Points to consider when designing yoga programs for pre/postnatal women, seniors, children, and clients with weight and health challenges.
feature Focus On Core Conditioning
Hop On The Express
Focused 30-minute classes appeal to clock-watchers

Special Section: Older Adults and Activity

Know Your Market Niche
Powerful Forces Impact Clients As They Ride the Age Wave
Helping Seniors Cope With Illness And Loss
Practical Guidelines for the Instructor
Is There A Longevity Secret?
Choosing Age-Appropriate Exercise Equipment
Exercise Progressions For Seniors
Take a sensible and gradual approach to improving older adults' quality of life.