Personal Training

Personal Training Poolside
Trainer: Broaden your concept of resistance training to include water exercise.

Exercise and Research

Exercise Intensity and Heart Disease Dose Response for Strength Development Risk Safety of Weight Loss Drugs
Instructor, Heal Thyself
Instructor: A veteran instructor and cancer survivor urges a new approach to working with people.
Breathtaking News About Walking
Footwear Business Still Making Strides
New Guidelines On Kids' Eating Disorders
Quality Of Life Poor For Obese Kids
PEP Bill Progress
The 30-Minute Formula
Package service and motivation with efficient circuits to welcome deconditioned women into your facility.
Action For Healthy Kids
Get Creative With Circuits
Use 21st century ideas to modernize training and motivate participants.
The Pregnant Athlete
Why training very fit moms-to-be is different from training their more sedentary counterparts.
New St. John's Wort Study Forming
Yoga For Plus Sizes
Use simple modifications to accommodate obese participants.
Active IDEAs
What IDEA members are doing every day to Inspire the World to Fitness™.
Tracking A New Mystery Disease
Comforting Foods In Uncomfortable Times
AICR researchers found that in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, almost 20 percent of Americans upped their consumption of comfort foods.
High-Protein Diets And Renal Failure
HRT Useless For Relieving Most Menopause Symptoms
Dismal Global Cancer Forecast
trends Keeping Pace With Today's Step Classes