April 2018


Face The Fats
Seven misconceptions about an often maligned and misunderstood nutrient.
Learn, Connect And Thrive At The IDEA® World Convention
Invest in yourself and your career: June 27–July 1.
Programming To Prevent ACL Injury
Draw from current concepts in medical research to help clients avert anterior cruciate ligament tears.

Personal Training

May I Have This Dance?
Client Success Story: From couch potato to headstands: Helping a Parkinson’s patient get a new view of life.
Shoulder Blades: The Right Moves
Ex Rx: Here’s how to spot scapular dyskinesis in clients and provide corrective exercises.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Ace That Audition!
Skills & Drills: Learn from other people’s mistakes, and be prepared to get your next teaching gig.
Sample Class: Strength By Numbers
Class Take-Out: Add variety and fresh appeal to your strength-based classes.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Funky beats, creative choreography and unexpected props give these classes an extra boost.
Primed To Squat
Ignite: Prepare participants with base movement patterns.

In Every Issue

Making News
Range Of Motion: Full Or Partial?
Research: Studies on young adults find advantages in performing both kinds of resistance training movements.
fitness handout A Handy Way To Count Calories
Learning About Lymph
Body Lab: Encourage clients to “exercise” the lymphatic system daily for optimal health.

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