December 2013


Science Uncovers The Perfect Playlist
Research shows that the right mix of tunes inspires participants and is a boon to programming.
Undoing Childhood Obesity
Fitness pros can take a leading role in helping U.S. children become healthier.
Training For Mind-Body Resilience
Research explores how exercise can protect against the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Personal Training

Exercise And The Autism Population
Ex Rx: Careful preparation and specific strategies can help trainers succeed with autistic athletes.
Selling Yourself (Without Selling Out)
Fitness Entrepreneur: How to create an online presence that feels true to yourself—and your business.
Older-Adult Fitness: Gauging The Limits Of Your Fit Clients
Senior Fitness: Why “senior fitness” is dead, and why every exercise needs to match what older clients can do, not how long they have lived.

Group Exercise

Sample Class: Triple T
Class Take-Out: Offer students maximum results in minimum time with high-intensity interval training.
Core Off The Floor
Core: Take core training vertical.
Should You Freestyle Or Prestyle?
Group Ex Skills & Drills: Review the pros and cons of teaching “freestyle” and prechoreographed classes, and learn new tricks from each method.


Pilates Safety Concerns For Older Adults
Inner IDEA: Top-notch Pilates professionals speak out about keeping seniors injury-free.
Yoga Adjustments
Inner IDEA: Giving safe, effective adjustments in class requires sensitivity and skill.
Yoga As Therapy For Postpartum Clients
Inner IDEA: Practiced wisely, certain yoga poses can help postpartum women avoid years of weakness in the pelvic floor and the abdominal wall.


Nurturing A Whole-Food Habit
Nutrition: How to help wean your clients from unhealthy processed foods.
The New Science Of Counting Calories
Nutrition: Recent research shows why nuts, fresh fruits and uncooked foods can be attractive choices for weight-conscious clients.
Protein Today: Are Consumers Getting Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Nutrition: Consuming proteins can help people lose weight, but most people don’t need more of it in their diets.


Helping The Chronically Short Of Breath
Research: Exercise can help people with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other ailments caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Extreme Conditioning Programs: High-Risk Or Vulnerable Risk Takers?
Research: These demanding workouts offer benefits, but there are safety concerns.
Exertional Rhabdomyolysis: When Too Much Exercise Becomes Dangerous
Research: High-rep and repetitive exercises can produce serious complications, particularly in those who are just getting started.

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